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Wall Insulation Board

Product Introduction
The Bi Lan Tian External Wall Insulation System is researched and developed based on the current worlds mandatory requirements over external wall insulation in construction engineering and the market demand. It involves high technology, is energy saving, environmentally friendly, light-weight, weatherproof and easy to operate. It can applies not only to the insulation & decoration of new construction projects, but also to the energy-saving reconstruction of insulation & decoration of old buildings. It is a new popular energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.
The Bi Lan Tian external wall insulation decorative board is manufactured by hot pressing of aluminum plate, rigid polyurethane foam and aluminum foil, and is fixed on surface of external walls by composite material frame. The performance is outstanding among current international markets.
Surface of the plate is a 0.5mm thick aluminum plate. You could choose decorative pattern and color or roll into certain figure according to design. It is mainly for decoration, but is also weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and self-cleaning. The mid-layer is a 40mm thick rigid polyurethane foam, with value of less than 0.023W/mK; it has excellent thermal insulation property. The inner layer is a 0.06mm thick aluminum membrane. Its function is to prevent the polyurethane foam from diffusing, anti-aging and guarantee the insulation effect of the plate.

Performance Characteristics:
The cost is lower and the composite cost is 40-50% of traditional aluminum curtain walls.
High level thermal insulation, test shows that the heat transfer coefficient is 0.50w/m2k, much higher than the 65% energy-saving ratio of national requirement.
Create a comfortable working environment, warm in winter and cool in summer: the heat insulation effect is particularly good in hot summer by providing comfortable indoor temperature;
It could keep walls dry and has good venting quality, protecting walls from mildewing and condensation.
Thermal bridge effect does not exist on nodes of the plates, which ensured a good thermal insulation performance.
The Luo Bao plates could be used not only as aluminum curtain walls, but also as simulated stone materials and simulated ceramic tiles.
Life of its entire structure is as long as the building.
The construction is easy and convenient; and dont need to do expensive pretreatment to wall surface and it is weatherproof. Construction could go fast so that construction period is shortened.

Comparative advantages:
The plate combines functions of insulation and decoration. The construction technology is simple and can effectively accelerate the construction process and shorten the period.

The plates aluminum decorative layer has good decorative effect and the surface pattern could be designed upon customers demands.
There is a 25mm thick air gap between the plate and the wall, which could adjust humidity, and effectively prevent building from interior mildewing caused by traditional external insulation. In addition, it has the effect of double insulation.
We ourselves researched and developed the external insulation plate (system) of Luo Bao brand with quality assurance.
The special grooved connection and way of hanging could effectively prevent cracks and water-seepage on walls that often happen in traditional external insulation.
Usually, pretreatment of walls before construction is not needed.
Construction could be done at temperatures below zero, while traditional external insulation requires to be done above 5.
Life could be as long as the building.