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We are dedicated to the R&D of the high-rise steel structure building field, while carrying out cooperation with many famous universities and scientific research institutions, therefore we can quickly develop from large span light steel structure, high-rise steel structure to high-rise architectural steel structure such as business building, office building, residential building etc. We have the capability of manufacturing, installation and contracting of high-rise steel structure building, formed characteristic high-rise steel structure architectural system.

There are more than dozens of high-rise and multi-floor steel structure buildings built by us. The applications of these buildings include Residential Buildings, hotel, office, bank, logistics, supermarket, mall, exhibition center, hospital, Radio and TV broadcasting, telecommunication, complex building, laboratory building, residence etc. The structure styles include pure steel structure, steel-concrete combined structure, combined structure etc. The structural systems include steel frame structure, steel frame-supporter structures, steel frame-concrete tube structure, steel framesCconcrete RC shear wall structure, steel frame-supporter structures with arm-truss, steel frame-concrete tube structure with arm-truss, tube-in-tube structure, super size supporter frame structure etc. The maximum height reaches 373m, and the largest unit constructional area is 200,000O, the thickest steel board is 120mm and the highest strength of steel materials is Q460(Yield strength value=460).