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Ultra-light steel structural exclusive residence is a kind of environment-protective and energy-saving dwelling with the greatest potential of development, which has been widely spread in development countries such as Japan and those Europe and AmericaIt supersedes conventional mode of residence and it completely uses building materials of industrialized productionThe residencepossessing a lot 0f meritsis the best output of the residential environment for human society in the 2lst century.

Whose features are as following Replace traditional red bricks and concrete.
High-quality thermal insulationwarm in winter and cool in summer, in winter, while the outdoor temperature is zero degree, the indoor temperature could be more than 17 centigradein summer, while the outdoor temperature is 30 centigradethe indoor temperature could be 21 centigrade
Excellent energy-saving capacityBetter than that of wood structural residence, and also saving more energy than brick-concrete structural for a percent over 60
Sound insulationAs the outdoor noise is over 80dBthe intensity of indoor noise is only 40dB
DurableMajor structure can normally work for more than 100 years
Storm-resisting and earthquake-proofIt Can resist a storm at the speed Of 70msand its anti-seismic capacity is two times of that of wood structural residence
There is a lot of freedom is appearance designThe large indoor space has neither beams nor columns and the span can reach 12m
Damp-proofBoth the major structure and the foundation have the damp-proof layer. Even in summer with high humidity, the indoor space can also be kept dry
Fast construction speed, short construction period and all-weather construction, uninfluenced by seasonsThe construction period is only 2 months
Dry construction, without pollution and noise

Steel structure parts

Groundwork Second storey floor Roof
1.Reinforcement 17.Structure panel 27. Gypsum Board
2. Linear Basis 18. Floor Steel beam 28. Triangle roof truss
3. Mat Base 19. Insulation Material 29. Structure panel
4. Shear Resistance Bolt 20. Suspended ceiling 30. Unidirectional Moisture-proof Paper
5. Withdrawal Resistance Bolt Wallboard of Second-floor 31. Heat Insulation
6. Sealing Base 21. Head Beam 32. Ventilation Layer
First storey floor 22. Nailing sill 33. Roof base panel
7. Cement Floor 23. Pole piece 34. Water Protection Layer
8. Convection Hole in Exterior Wall Interior Partition Wall 35. Ornament Roof Tile
Wallboard of first-floor 24. Gypsum Board Equipment Part
9. Insulation Material 25. Steel Stud 36. Negative Pressure Ventilator System
10. Steel stud 26. Insulation Material 37. Central Dust Removal System
11. Structure board   38. Central Air-condition System
12. Unidirectional Moisture-proof Paper   39. Graphic Intercom System
13. Heat Insulation   40. Infrared Security System
14. Ventilation Layer    
15. Ornament on Exterior Wall    
16. Gypsum Board